City Council votes to rename street

Portion of South Boyd is now Shay Gillespie Street

In a unanimous decision by the five members present Tuesday night at the regular October Monticello City Council meeting, South Boyd Street—from West Jackson Avenue to West Railroad Avenue—is to be renamed Shay Gillespie Street.
A resolution that was introduced by Alderman Al Peer to rename a section on South Boyd Street that the Head of the Class Childcare and Learning Center, founded by the late Gillespie and his wife Sherrie, occupies was amended to clarify that both sections of North Boyd Street will not change names.
South Boyd Street, that loops around the old Drew Theatre to West Jackson, is to be renamed immediately, according to the 5-0 vote by Peer, fellow Aldermen Joe Meeks and Michael James, and Alderwomen Claudia Hartness and Paige Chase.
“Sister Gillespie owns all the buildings except two on South Boyd where the Head of the Class currently sits,” explained Jerrielynn Mapp, a curriculum coordinator at HOC. “The only buildings that will be affected, as far as address changes, will be ours.”   
In other business, City Property Inspector Brian Rodgers gave his normal report stating that a majority of the complaints that he had received about nuisance properties had been fixed by the property owners.
“The city of Monticello does not go in and fix or tear down properties unless we absolutely have to,” Rodgers said. “It is encouraging to know that people want to do the right thing and are trying to do the right thing.”
Rodgers also informed the council and the crowd that the Monticello Economic Development Commission has started accepting Special Needs Assistance Program grant applications. Anyone 55 or older or someone living in a home with a person who has special needs can apply for this grant to get assistance with home repairs.
MEDC Executive Director Nita McDaniel spoke to the council members about transportation issues.
“After speaking with the Highway Department Commissioner, we have discovered that a part of the Scogin Drive extension project is in a flood plain,” McDaniel said. “This is going to increase the cost on the project because we are going to have to build an overpass.”
McDaniel said she is working with several groups to keep the timelines on track for all the current highway projects.
Craig Kaminicki presented the 2016 Water, Sewer and Solid Waste audit to the council.
“There were no material misstatements that I found,” Kaminicki said. “This was a good audit.”
Kaminicki summarized his 16-page report, added he enjoyed working with the city of Monticello.
Because of the absence of Aldermnan Cedric Leonard and Alderwomen Beverly Hudson and Carolyn Brown, the present council members voted to just hear the first reading of the updated mobile home ordinance. They elected not to vote to accept or reject the new ordinance until more members were present.

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