Council votes to open bids for fire truck

In Tuesday night’s Monticello City Council meeting, the members present voted to pay the $630.34 bill for sales tax for the new water billing system and to open up the bidding process to sell the 1996 pumper fire truck.
Alderman Joe Meeks and Alderwoman Beverly Hudson were absent but Mayor David Anderson declared a quorum was present and the meeting was called to order at 6:01 p.m. Whit Barton, the Monticello city attorney, was not present due to obligations with the Monticello School Board meeting.
City Clerk Aundrea Chambers explained to the council members that the reason for the $630.34 water billing system bill was due to her error in not posting it in the information when the original bid was opened to the public.
The city office received the bill recently and the council members voted unanimously to pay it immediately.
Interim Fire Chief Eric Chisom spoke to the council members about removing the equipment from the 1996 pumper fire truck and selling the truck for $20,000.
He explained that the equipment that would be taken off of the 1996 truck could be used on the new ladder truck that has been ordered and is currently being built for the city of Monticello.
Reusing this equipment will eliminate some future cost when the ladder truck is delivered to the Monticello Fire Department.
After some discussion, it was decided by the council that legally they are required to put the truck up for bid to see if a price higher than $20,000 could be obtained.
The council also heard monthly reports from City Finance Director Vickie Norris, Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Reggie Binns and Monticello Economic Development Commission Executive Director Nita McDaniel.
Norris told the council that two new police cars had been ordered and they expected delivery within a few months.
 She also said that the bullet proof vests for the Monticello Police Department have been ordered and the body cameras have been ordered and were delivered.
Binns informed the council members that the commission voted to charge people to rent a field or fields at the Monticello Sports Complex.
A $200 deposit is required and is refundable. To rent a field for half a day will cost $200 and $400 for a whole day.
He told the council about the popularity of the Sports Complex and that people from other towns in Southeast Arkansas are coming to play on the fields there.
“We hope that with the interest of these other towns in our facilities, that Monticello will become the regional playing facility,” Binns said.
McDaniel addressed the council with her usual report.
She said she hopes to be able to update the council next month on project No. 532 for the speculative building and she said that she had just submitted information to a potential new prospect.
She also encouraged everyone to take part in the Historic Highway 35 Junk Hunt that will take place March 8-10.

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