Democrats nominate Anderson

In what was likely the shortest meeting any of them could recall, members of the Demoratic Party of Drew County nominated Interim Monticello Mayor David Anderson to be the party’s candidate in the May 9 special mayoral election.
Anderson and Independent Ronny Carr have now declared their intentions to fill out Zack Tucker’s unexpired term. Tucker, who was charged in late 2016 with abuse of office and tampering with public records, resigned as mayor in January as part of a plea bargain.
DPDC Chair Kathy Borchardt called the special convention to order Monday, and it took DPDC Secretary Marsha Winkelpleck longer to call the roll than it did to conduct the business for which the convention was called. After the roll call, Borchardt called for a motion to open the floor to nominations snd, upon receiving such, James Ross nominated Anderson.
DPDC Treasurer Ron Echols them moved nominations cease and further moved Anderson be elected by acclamation. With no further business, the special convention adjourned.  
However, before the members dispersed, Anderson was given the opportunity to speak.
“I want to than the committee for your trust in me,” the Democratic mayoral candidate said. “I’ll do my best to see the city is run properly and everybody will be treated equally as long as I am mayor. I have the experience and I think I can do a good job.”
Should Anderson be elected on May 9, he would simply continue the work to which the Monticello City Council appointed him to immediately after Tucker resigned. A former mayor, the 70-year-old Anderson said after the convention he felt he had an obligation to the people of Monticello to seek another syay inthe moyor’s office.
“I’m a lifelong resident,” he smiled. “My mother was a lifelong resident. My grandmother was a lifelong resident. I’m a third-generation Monticellonian and I just felt like I could make a difference.”
As on what he will concentrate if elected Mayor, Anderson said really nothing will change from his day-to-day duties now as Interim Mayor.  
“We have to do infrastructure as our No. 1 priority,” Anderon noted. “We have west sewer ponds that need to be repaired, we’ve got streets than need to be overlaid, we’e got water lines that need to be taken care of. At Lake Monticello, the dam itself is eroding. We in the process of trying to get estimates so we can bid it out.
“We’ve got our engineers working on approving some ideas that we want to do on the west sewer ponds. Everything is moving west; we’re at capacity there. We’ve got to do something. They’re working on our dam right now so we can put it out for bid.
“We’re going to meet (Tuesday) night and go over some of our streets. Once we decide on which streets to do, then we’re going to move the water lines out of the middle of the street so we won’t be tearing up our new streets. We’re going to put them in the ditch or the right-of-way snd we’re going to ask Arkla Gas to do the same thing with their lines.
“That’s where we’re going to be doing a lot of our work this year.”
The official filing period for the May 9 special election opened at noon today and continues through noon next Tuesday.

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