Mayoral candidates answer some questions

David Anderson

Before Monticello’s special mayoral election May 9, the Advance- Monticellonian is helping voters know more about the candidates.

Democrat David Anderson, who is currently serving as Interim Mayor until the special election, and Independents Ronny Carr and Joe Rogers are vying to serve the remainder of former Mayor Zack Tucker’s term. Tucker resigned in January after being charged with abuse of offi ce and tampering with public records. The person elected in May will serve until December 2018.

The same questions were asked of all three candidates and their answers will be run in alphabetical order by the last name of the candidate. Here are Anderson’s responses:

AM: How long have you lived in Monticello?

DA: All my life except for seven years away in college and military.

AM: Please tell us about your upbringing (e.g. where you went to high school, college, where are/ were you employed and for how long, etc.).

DA: I’m a graduate of Monticello High School, went to college at Northeast Louisiana University, served in U.S. Marines and returned to run the family business for 25 years.

AM: Please tell us about your family of origin and your present family.

DA: My father was from Strong and my mother was a second-generation Monticellonian. My father had the family business before I took over from him. I have four children and six grandchildren.

AM: Please tell us something not many people know about you.

DA: I am a Master Gardener and love to raise fresh vegetables.

AM: Why did you decide to run in this special election?

DA: There are infrastructure projects that I want to see completed such as the lake dam repair, west sewer pond expansion and street overlays.

AM: The reason for this special election is well-known. How will you go about repairing Monticello’s image?

DA: I have already started repairing our image by being thoughtful and up front in all my decisions.

AM: What, if any, is your prior political experience?

DA: I have served four years as Mayor and seven years on the city council.

AM: What do you think is Monticello biggest asset?

DA: Our education and healthcare facilities, and our city leaders promoting Monticello.

AM: What will be your top priority if elected?

DA: Infrastructure, street overlays or paving, expand our west sewer ponds to handle growth, repair our dam at Lake Monticello and cleaning our water tanks.

AM: Please outline the remainder of your platform (e.g., infrastructure, city growth, building of new amenities, etc.).

DA: I want to complete our sewer projects, new water lines, more street overlays and see the Miracle League fi eld completed.

AM: Will you have an open door concerning the city’s finances?

DA: I have that relationship now.

AM: How will you promote Monticello and its rapid expansion?

DA: I have a plan in place with the MEDC and also work well with the city Chamber of Commerce.

AM: How will you work with organizations like the Miracle League of Southeast Arkansas or the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority?

DA: I am working with the Miracle League right now. We have already accepted bids for the field and fencing. I am working with Intermodal on the city maintaining their water tank.

AM: What will be your working relationship with the members of the Monticello City Council and the government of Drew County?

DA: I have a good working relationship with the council. I keep them informed of what is going on and I also work well with the Quorum Court.

AM: What will be your working relationship with the members of the Monticello Economic Development Commission and the Monticello-Drew County Chamber of Commerce?

DA: I work well with Nita (Mc- Daniel) for Economic Development and with Glenda (Nichols) at the Chamber.

AM: Finally, and we understand this might have been addressed previously, what best qualifi es you to be voted the Mayor of Monticello?

DA: My experience and ability to work with city council and leaders of Monticello, as well as a business background.

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