Reinhart hearing set Aug. 3

Almost a year after his receiving an Emergency Order of Suspension of his Arkansas Medical License from the Arkansas State Medical Board, Monticello doctor Jeffrey Reinhart is scheduled to appear at an ASMB disciplinary hearing during the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting in Little Rock Aug. 3-4.
While the specific agenda for the August meeting has not yet been posted to the Board’s website (, ASMB Executive Assistant Juli Carlson told the Advance-Monticellonian by email Monday morning that Reinhart’s disciplinary hearing is scheduled for this meeting “at this time.”
In November 2016, Reinhart received the suspension and immediately took leave from his practice. His appearance was to have come before the ASMB in its February meeting but, according to the Board’s attorney, Kevin O’Dwyer, Reinhart’s attorney requested a continuance.
The August meeting is the fourth time Reinhart has been scheduled to appear; his February continuance was granted until the April meeting, then pushed back to June and now to August.
The reason for the continuances are unknown, O’Dwyer noted, but added after the first continuance no agreement had been reached between Reinhart and the ASMB. Tuesday, O’Dwyer confirmed no “deal” had been reached between the two parties as of yet. He also confirmed the Monticello doctor is on the August agenda at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 3.
The disciplinary hearing is not Reinhert’s final recourse, O’Dywer pointed out—even though he will not appear before the Board again.
“If he has a hearing and the Board makes a finding and issues an order,” O’Dwyer said of Dr. Reinhart’s scheduled appearance, “it is final, (but) he will then have the right to appeal that decision to Circuit Court.”
As a refresher, late last year the ASMB suspended Reinhart for “the habitual use of alcohol to such an extent as to render himself incapable of exercising that degree of skill and judgment in the care of his patients.”
The license suspension meant that Reinhart’s license to practice medicine in Arkansas had been removed for a certain period of time due to the disciplinary action, according to the Board’s definition. The ASMB is charged by the General Assembly to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state of Arkansas. The Board was established by the Medical Practices Act, Act 65 of 1955 and Act 289 of 1957, from which the Board is empowered to license and regulate the practice of medicine. The medical board consists of 14 members appointed by the governor for six-year terms.
According to Board records, Reinhart’s license was also suspended in 1994 because he was “being charged with a violation of Arkansas Code 17-93-409-(8), that is the habitual and intemperate or excessive use of scheduled narcotics or any other habit forming drugs, and the alleged violation of Arkansas Code Ann. 17-93-409 95), that is the violation of Laws of the United States concerning distribution, possession and use of narcotic or controlled drugs.”
Reinhart’s medical license, at his request, was voluntarily surrendered. He further made a request to the Board that he place himself on a voluntary three-year probation, which the ASMB accepted unanimously.
In June 1995, the Board suspended Reinhart for one year and placed him on a five-year probation. The Board unanimously restored his license in 1996.
All ASMB meetings are open to the public. The Board meets bi-monthly at its office at the Victory Building, 1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 340, in Little Rock.

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