Year’s first candidate announces for office

Tim Nichols will run for Drew County Sheriff in November

Seasoned law enforcement officer Tim Nichols has announced his candidacy for Drew County Sheriff in the upcoming 2018 election in an email sent Monday.
Nichols, who is running for the position currently held by Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober, has been working in law enforcement since 2007, but has been around the field his entire life.
“My father was sheriff in Chicot County and being the Drew County Sheriff has been a dream of mine since I was young,” Nichols said.
Over the past 10 years, Nichols has served on the Monticello Police Department, the Drew County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy and criminal investigator and is currently employed as an administrator with the Warren Police Department.
“My goal is to become more involved with the community and make this office everything that it should be,” Nichols added. “I want to give it my best shot and best effort to help the office succeed for the people of Drew County. I want the community to know that if elected I want to have an open-door policy. The public should be able to always communicate with their sheriff and the county deputies.”
Nichols also noted that it is his plan to run as an Independent during the election.
“With the office of Sheriff, I don’t think it is important to be wrapped up in politics,” Nichols said. “My focus will be to serve the people of the county.”
A main priority for Nichols has been and will continue to be the youth of Drew County.
“If one were to take a look at the recent crime within Drew County, they would see a lot of young people involved,” Nichols added. “It is more vital now than ever to be a presence in the lives of the local youth. I am looking in to starting a D.A.R.E. program at the schools that would involve a deputy going to the campuses weekly to gain rapport with the students. I want to be as involved as possible with kids to try to help them and educate them.”
Nichols and his wife, Jennifer, have been married since 2004 and they have four children.
“The reasons I want to be your sheriff is simple,” Nichols said in his announcement email. “First, I have a family who share a love the same as I do for Drew County and the people who reside here.
“Secondly, I want to provide the people of Drew County the best service and dedication possible.
“Thirdly, I want to build a stronger community relationship amongst all people here in Drew County, specifically our youth; for they are our future.
“Fourth, I want to work for and with you to make Drew County a safer and better place to live. I vow to also be a working Sheriff that will make myself available day or night.”
The 2018 election will be the first election where all county officials will change from two-year to four-year terms.

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