Advance-Monticellonian will publish your game pictures

In anticipation of the hunting/fishing pictures that annually begin showing up about this time, readers are reminded the Advance-Monticellonian will be more than happy to publish any and all game pictures received during hunting and/or fishing seasons—at no charge.
Contributors are simply asked to follow these simple steps:
• First, the photograph be taken with a digital camera. If a cell phone camera is used, it must be at the largest file size possible. If possible, the photo should be emailed to Make sure the email program does not downsize the file to make it send quicker. The original file size of the photo must be received; otherwise, the photo will be unfit for printing. 
• Second, the information needed to publish a photograph are the hunter/fisherman’s name, age, hometown and school attended (if hunter/fisherman is a youth); where hunt took place or where fish was caught; who was with the hunter/fisherman; and parents’ names (if picture is of a youth).
• Third, the type of weapon or tackle that was used by the hunter or fisherman is needed.
• Finally, take the time and compose a good photo that will be cherished. On deer pictures, clean up the blood, put the tongue back in the mouth, and position the hunter and deer for the best angle. Full shade with a flash will make a better picture than harsh sunlight and deep shadows. Take the time to take the animal out of the back of the truck and position in a natural setting if possible. Never take the photo of the deer hanging on a skinning rack.
Also, please include a way to be contacted should additional information be needed.
Send all submissions to or bring the pictures by the Advance-Monticellonian office, 314 North Main Street. Should the pictures be dropped off, please include a sheet with all the information needed—in legible form, please. The picture will be scanned and returned.
If contributors wish, they may follow up email submissions with a call to Editor/Sports Editor Harold Coggins at 870-367-5325. Photographs without all the above information can not be published.

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